Sunday, January 25, 2015

Projects Before Baby

Pinterest has given me a long list of to do's before the baby gets here. Which I guess is both a good thing and a bad thing since I see so many I'd like to do and also overwhelming. These are my soft baby beach balls I made from a tutorial online 8 banana shaped pieces each with a dark circle on the end to cover up the seams coming together. 

When stuffing these baby beach balls my mom said keep stuffing them and when you think they are full hand it to me and I'll test it out on you. Then she threw it at me and it bounced hard off of my head and said yep its full! Don't worry I didn't miss the opportunity to try the bigger ball on her head later as payback. I'm just glad I've had the chance to make some soft homemade toys for the baby and I can just throw them in the wash if they get too dirty. Or if the dog eats them I know I can whip some more right up. 

On to more baby projects! 

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