Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Office Inspiration

I've been thinking alot lately about what a "Law Office" would look like or just an office in general having it be from home or just a new space. With moving and some changes in my personal life I decided to make a conglomeration of some of the show stoppers I found on my Houzz account. You can follow me here

Reading Area - I think if you are of a "growth" mindset you are constantly reading and growing and learning from books and others. Also I have read that the best CEO's take a nap everyday, if you aren't getting enough sleep at night and a 20 minute nap would make a world of difference to you I say incorporate a place for that said nap. 

Artwork - This one I'm super partial to because I have my degree in Visual art, but I feel like people are inspired by their space and be inspired with your work and do what you love! Whether those be pictures of your family or pictures of things you've collected display them in a way that you are proud to show them off. 

Bookshelves - I don't know anyone who doesn't have a book problem or bookshelf problem and what would an office be without a place to store all of those great books you've been reading to make you either a better lawyer or REALTOR? Stack them up and make them look really nice and one day look at that shelf proud that you read everything on it. 

Fireplace - do you know each time you upload something for an office space or dining room on Houzz it asks you if you have a fireplace in it? I didn't until here recently and I was blown away by the expectation that there should be a fireplace in the office. I also think this is a really good idea, who wouldn't want to cozy up with some hot chocolate on a cold snowy day in your retreat of an office if you don't have to leave the house why would you.

Organization - it can't be said enough but if your space is clean and organized and you know right where everything is I think it will add to the functionality of your work. Make sure that your "collections" of artwork, or books aren't overwhelming your space and you do take time to "cut the fat" and make this a functional space for you. I'm not saying everyone has to actually live like the people on the Houzz accounts, but hey if you had that office wouldn't it boost your self esteem? Even for a little bit? 

Bottom line if you are privileged enough to get to work from home, make sure that space inspires you and is filled with things you love that will help you grow in your workplace and make you a better maybe even well rested person. 

Happy Working!

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  1. Love this Brandi! Some great ideas and a fireplace in a home office is a must, even if the office is not at home for that matter.