Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Notes from the Universe - Mike Dooley Style

People are awesome, Brandi, they care about pretty much everything, everyone, always. It's just that they're also so busy believing what they've been told, and therefore manifesting it, that they genuinely haven't noticed that in your gorgeous little planet's entire history, there's never been:
A drought that didn't end,
A storm that didn't clear,
Lightning that didn't retreat,
An earthquake that didn't still,
A flood that didn't recede, nor,
A plague that wasn't eventually, completely, and utterly overwhelmed by the healthy.

Now as a rule, I'm not into odds, statistics, or gambling, but it doesn't take a genius to see that something's going on "down there," the deck is clearly stacked, you've got friends in some very high places, and none of the "hard and mean" stuff was ever true.

Hit me, baby!

The Universe

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