Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Red Things I Love

This is just a short little list to reference some of the “red” things we are crushing on right now.

1. American Flag – who doesn't love a big old American flag hanging from the front of an old barn? So beautiful.

2. Red Kitchen Cabinets – wow talk about unique, if you are looking for a show stopper of a color for your kitchen cabinets I think you’ve found it.

3. Radio Flyers – this nostalgic childhood toy I think brings back memories for all of us. Just makes me wish I wasn’t so hard on mine as a kid because dang they are expensive now.

4. Red Furniture – accent pieces throughout the home are a great way to add energy to a space, and vintage pieces like this make all the difference with a little edge on them.

5. Chandeliers – yes we took the red all the way down to the lighting, we do sell homes so we had to go there you can accessorize in many different ways it’s our job to give you options.

6. Big Chill Oven – I love this retro look for appliances, who knew that old stove or oven everyone couldn’t wait to get rid of would be so valuable now. This one is of course new and fancier just the way we like it.

7. Red Barns – ok for real did you think I forgot? We wouldn’t be Red Barn Real Estate if I didn’t remember to add a cute little old barn in there to tell you how much we love that look.

8. Balloons – Balloons are just plain fun. It concerns me that there is such a shortage of helium and that this is something that might not be around for generations to come. We need more balloons and more fun forever!

9. Dishes – Did you know that if you eat off of a red or orange plate as an American you are more likely to eat more than you would if you had ate the same meal off of a blue plate? Well I want to think I’m the best cook ever so red dishes for everyone!

10. Fall leaves – It is gorgeous outside right now to say the least. I love the leaves changing and blowing around and just making everything just all around beautiful. Go outside and take it in while it lasts its a very dreamy and still a pretty warm fall.

This is our short list of some cute photos of some of the red things we adore, of course this list could go on forever, but we need to cut it off sometime homes need selling. Have a great day everyone!

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