Monday, August 18, 2014

Updates from my life

Found this sign in McCall by Payette Lake. Before I die I'd like to see a lot more places, get married and have babies. However if that didn't happen I'd still be pretty damn happy because I have a great life filled with an abundance of friends and family and love. 

When visiting I was able to catch a sunset going down on the lake and check out all of these beautiful boats. I want a boat really bad, but lets face it as a REALTOR who's going to go boating with me in the middle of the week? 

My grandmother is always game for a trip out of town to McCall for my work. Today she called me to ask me how much a machine gun costs... I don't know grandma the price varies what type of machine gun are you looking at? Ha ha the conversations I have with her keeps me on my toes. Does your grandma call you about random stuff? 

So we do what any good citizen should do to prevent arguments, we drink beer and since we still live in a house full of girls we drink pink beer. It tastes terrible, but since Heather brought it back from California just for us to try we're drinking it. 

I got my eye brows tattooed on my face. Yes my uber conservative sister tried very hard to talk me out of it and how permanent it is and yes I still went. Hot damn was that a good decision! I love my brows, just went back for a touch up and I'm still in love. I look at old photos now of how the flash basically made me look like I had no eyebrows at all WTH? Anyhow I'm in love and I love just waking up dressed, solving problems left and right over here, machine gun pricing, eyebrows, and pink beer seriously what more could a girl ask for? See you later for updates be safe out there wild ones. 

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