Friday, August 8, 2014

Tiny cottage inspiration

Ever thought about building a tiny cottage? Or a guest house? Most cottages are less than 1000 sf and are all the rage right now across the country for people trying to get to a more minimalistic lifestyle. Some are even calling them Micro cottages, could also be used for second homes and vacation getaways, could even work as a starter home to be expanded over time as circumstances and budgets allow.

Online there are all sorts of calculators to help you determine the cost-to-build based on your area and specific construction costs. Compare your budget to costs of construction; if you are going to build one of these just make sure you find out just what is included and the variation of local codes and compliance depending on where you plan to build your tiny cottage.

These homes while small are packed with storage, and use of pretty much every square inch of the home owners really can’t afford to have any wasted space. Kitchens must be small and efficient; people make use of windows for natural light and using wood shelves to assist in their storage.  These can start for less than $10,000 and go up from there, obviously pending that you already have developed land available. I think it’s a fun idea on so many levels, but the question is could you live in a tiny house? 

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