Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Affordable Man Cave Art

So x boyfriend is a pilot and I was in the midst of making the man cave pretty over the top when we broke up. Here are the results.  Complete with leather couch and cool accessories. What would be a pilot's man cave without plane pictures right? We ordered these plane photos from Allposters.com and they were pretty affordable and had a diverse depth of color to them. I was super surprised that they arrived on nice photo paper and were a high quality print of the image and not just on paper. While Ray was away I found some frames at TJ Maxx for the first one. 

The next one is from goodwill and previously contained religious scripture, but hey I could see the promise in it. 

This last one was supposed to be used for the frame to re-frame some of his other stuff, but he likes it because one of his hobbies is brewing delicious beer. So we're keeping it. Oh the fun I'm having decorating his place. 

Time to buy the man a hammer though he doesn't have any tools and I don't think until now realized how fun fixing up your home could be! Yes, I realize that my house is pretty much maxed out and I'm taking over other peoples homes to decorate them as a hobby I know I have a problem, but its so much fun! More to come, obviously!

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