Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vision Boards

I think its safe to say its no secret that I have been making some plans for my life, for what I want to do. Who I would like to become, and where I want to go. I work for a completely paperless company so I decided to make a virtual vision board. That way I can update it more often I used Fotor to make these collages. Also to prove that my vision boards work, not only am I seeing results, but Mind Body Green posted this article about finding and attracting the type of people you want in your life to prove my point even further. 

Vision board #1 my desktop background, since everything I do at my paperless company is through my computer I see this a lot and it helps keep things in perspective. I read you should also incorporate things you already do to remind yourself you have accomplished things and all of these other requests are just as easy to achieve. 

Top left my "world traveller" photo my grandfather was visiting from Texas when I was taking off to the Bahamas with my girls and he woke me up that morning and said wake up granddaughter you are going to be a world traveller and sure enough I was. I feel like the others are more self explanatory I love hockey, want to be married, have babies and get skinny. I mean what else could a girl want right?

Well we could need just a couple of other things, like a boyfriend who plays golf to get me motivated on playing golf myself and a pink golf cart couldn't hurt. How about a cute little french bulldog, I actually didn't know I wanted this so much until I discovered my "interests" on Pinterest and found that they seem to have me really dialed in so why doubt it plus this little fur baby sure is a cute one. 

Property Brothers, yes who wouldn't love a handy, funny and handsome man around the house? I know I could use one and my dad sure would like a breather from all of my "I don't have a drill" phone calls. That little ball trophy is a kickball championship trophy, I am on a kickball league currently however it being our first year I might have over estimated our ability to kick some big red balls. This year we've only managed to win one game so far, but more are in our future. I'd like to do more yoga, buy a house, visit Italy, and visit Germany (on the right) and get some new luggage. But guess what I already have new luggage since making this vision board and its awesome! 

This one I keep on my phone screen saver and move it around from side to side, surprisingly this grid like pattern offers a lot of flexibility and it helps keep my goals fresh in my mind everyday. 

Are you working on achieving goals for 2014? If so what are they? I'd love to hear about them. 

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