Saturday, May 31, 2014

Travellers Office

My new guy has this awesome house with tons of potential, and he needs a little direction. He is a pilot and has tons of pilot stuff, but that is not all that he is. He is also well traveled, a scuba diver and an all around great guy who deserves a space of his own. I love a good makeover and we set out to make his office a Man Cave and give it an official look instead of blank walls and just a bunch of model airplanes laying around. 
This top image found on pinterest, is what he called his dream office. I love it, the map where he can check off all the places he's been. The leather rugged couch that just begs for men to smoke cigars on and chat. The vintage trunk that he can put stickers from all the traveled places on it. it just works for him and his look.

When I was searching man cave office's I came across this beer fridge, I'm not saying I'm going to get one; but that its not a bad idea. 

This is a more streamlined look of the map above where you frame it out. Right now we do not have the map, and need to nail down just how this map is going to come about. I do not think he's ready for wall color and wall paper just yet, but we will see. 

I also found this pen holder, men need good accessories and plus what other room would this go in? 

This globe drink pourer goes really well with a cigar on the leather couch I think. 

This is another map image, but probably less of the look we are going for. However to have a desk with that many drawers and to hide things I think is beneficial for just looking organized even if you aren't. 

A plane propeller, just what every pilots office needs. This is a travel office, not just a pilot office so it needs a hint of pilot and a whole lot of overall travel. Boats, cars, planes, and scuba diving and adventure bring it on!

Step one find leather couch. I found this sort of by accident when I was trying to get rid of my current couch (yes I know it still needs updating). Anyhow I found this leather couch only $100 for a loveseat and the color is off a bit, but it matches the look perfectly. He was super happy and impressed I was able to find it so quickly and it's pretty light and we picked it up and we are well on our way to making this man cave look amazing. 

Oh yeah things I have not done in awhile, buy something from craigslist. When you call on something that has been on the list for awhile, as if they still have it. Then ask, does it have any damage like scratches, missing buttons or tears? Then negotiate from there and ask to see it in person and be prepared to haul it off right then and there for your big project. 

I did not do any of the above, but obviously learned my lesson; it is missing a button on top of this cushion. I can replace it with one underneath. 

It also had a pretty big tear in the arm I didn't know about until I got to see it in person. It was roughed up a little, but I think it adds to the character and manliness of it. Plus we have it now. So the next step is to find a HUGE world map, install the couch. Clean up the office. Get some of his travel photos up and make this man cave happen. Do you have a man in your life who needs his own space? What did you do to make it his? 

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