Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kick Ass Life Practitioner

Things I've learned from David Wood. Your life should Kick Ass, and in more ways than one. Here's a little list to get you started. 

  • My wealth can only grow to the extent that I grow myself! 
  • Make room for fun in your life! You can't fit in fun if your life is already overflowing!
  • Start the day differently for a change.
  • Be a host, throw a party. We throw one every Monday night for "Juandays!"
  • Get a haircut! (got mine today feeling fresh already)
  • Go to the spa and pamper yourself. I'm a self proclaimed money saver and I almost never want to fork over the money to spend on myself, but sometimes you need it and you feel a lot better after doing something for yourself for a change. 
  • Go dancing! Just can't get enough of that one. 

  • Go meet new and exciting people! I am so lucky and blessed that I meet new people on a daily basis and they keep my life entertaining. 
  • Learn a new language or hobby. I have decided that I am going to learn how to play golf this year! Should be a great time! 
  • Be adventurous! Go exploring and get lost in a new place and find and discover new things. 
  • Get out of the house, right now the weather is a bit gloomy for most. However I guarantee you will feel better by leaving the house for a change!
  • Go to the bookstore. Seriously in the age of digital technology when was the last time you went to the bookstore? Go explore, turn some pages and see whats new out there, outside of your normal realm. 
  • Visit an art gallery! As an artist I still find this both refreshing and motivating. Nothing like seeing great new stuff to inspire you to make something of your own. 
  • Plan a fun getaway for 2-3 days. Leaving for McCall tomorrow after work, can't wait to see some Ice Sculptures and party with some great friends while I work this weekend! 
  • Go test drive a new car. Having recently bought a new car I know this is an exciting experience. Some days are hard just sitting there at your desk day by day not doing anything different. Go do this for some fun and breath of fresh air. 
  • Try a new recipe and do something new and different. 
  • Read an adventure novel or theater
  • Go to a comedy club and laugh. 
  • write down your life vision and spend some time with it. 
  • Adopt a pet. That is if you have time, I don't. I plan to travel very much in my life and don't have time for a pet. 
  • Go to a concert! Lady Antebellum is coming to Boise and I need to get my tickets to go!
  • Go Skinny dipping!
  • Do a random act of kindness. 
  • Be curious about people, ask them about themselves. 
  • Do the one big thing that could turn your life from boring to amazing. 
  • Listen to happy rich people. Not depressed broke people.
  • Be excited for your life! 
  • Wake up with gratitude, and focus on what you are grateful for. 
  • Imagine your life when you have a million dollars. Think about what would happen if I don't go after it? 
  • People who succeed have momentum. They continue to succeed because of their momentum. 
  • Have a plan! 
  • It is not difficult to have unconditional fulfillment. For example living in a gorgeous place is a bi-product of something else. 

All of these are great tips and tricks of how to implement more fun and happy in your daily life. Give yourself something to look forward to! Make your life BIG! Cheers to the future! 

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