Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Invest in your own personal development

One of my goals this year is to invest 10% of my income into my own personal development. All I keep reading and hearing is that successful people invest more in themselves then they do onto others to give them the greatest fulfillment and happiness through their work. 

The thing is I'm not sure where to begin. I know I keep reading be prepared to be wrong before you get it right. Its overwhelming all of the ideas I combat on a daily basis. 

Should I write a book? What would that book be about? Refinishing furniture a hobby of mine, or how to be successful in Social Media my job, or how to live a radiantly happy and fulfilled life? Or about relationships? All of which I don't classify myself as an expert in. Maybe I should blog about it and see if that takes off before trying to write an entire book. Then there is travel my true love before my love of furniture, however I right now my travel is slim. I would love greatly to travel and experience the world and get paid to write about it. The thing is I don't think I'm a writer, I'm an artist, a social media guru, a real estate agent and I'm motivated. But am I a writer? 

I know that my growth plus a great company equals everything. I do believe that I work for a great company and that the sky's the limit for endless possibilities around me. I want to grow to be an exceptional person. I'm like anyone else I have good days and bad, but I want to be that person who uplifts people. The person people know they can trust with their lives and information and we can work together to find a solution. All I can do is be honest and authentic that I don't know all of the answers right now in my life, but I will work my buns off for success. I know that because of that my life will be dramatically different in 3 years, 5 years, and in 7 years. Why not me? 

I believe in myself to work the hardest out of anyone around me. That I believe does pay off because then I will earn the success around me. Right now I'm just struggling with where to begin and emerge myself. Do I take more real estate classes and become a specialist? Do I find social media conferences? Do I find out how to write a book and go forth with that knowledge? Right now I'm looking into all of the above. I'm going to treat my life like I'm getting paid $500 an hour to do what I'm doing. After all that is what someone I imagine in a successful position is doing. Thoughts to sit and ponder. Also going to interview who I deem as successful and pick their brain, take them to lunch. Ask for suggestions and get some answers and maybe direction and see what fits my ideal life. 

Here's to pondering. And changes. 

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