Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Abundance in 2014

It's time to give power and energy to solutions! I have big goals for my life sometimes you just might get what you wish for. Always ask yourself am I asking big enough?

Before you go and make goals first off say what your top 3 things you are grateful for this was the day I wrote these in my journal and how I felt at the time. I'm grateful for my car, beautiful home, and great job. The list truly goes on and on about the things I'm grateful for that make my wonderful life possible. 

We had a kick off party here at our office to ring in 2014 so to speak. Where we welcomed in our fabulous life. Learned that the feeling of abundance grows and grows. And how the world is working for me vs. against me. We can be better stewards of money. Instead of a to-do list make a to-be list! Pick someone you idolize or would like to be more like in your everyday life just start being more like that person. 

Fun facts I did not know is that people need 8 hugs a day to be happy and it helps with empathy and understanding. 4 hugs for survival and 12 to grow. I might need more than that since my love language is physical touch. 

Then we received personal growth trackers for 2014. To list what books we will read, conferences to attend, and networks to join. To build the better life we start by building a better me. Then all received stickers saying "the major key to your better future is you!" I also resonate with the statement saying going to work primarily on myself has made me an above average person. I want an above average smile, handshake and intensity to win. 

This really made me think about who I want to be in 2014. John Gordon wrote a book about picking one word for the year and using it to focus and bring everything back to center. Then put it everywhere your phone, wall, desktop background etc... and use this year to focus on your word. I chose the word abundance. Meaning there is an abundance of love, abundance of people, homes, money, friends, and things available at any given time. 

This definitely covers the 8 areas goals should cover; career, financial, physical, mental, family, spiritual, lifestyle, and relationships. I used this to create an over the top action plan for my goals for 2014 and detail what that looks like using "I am!" People who go through hypnotism, later feel like they could have done it themselves. So why can't I write down my goals, read them to myself  (record it) on my phone and play it back to myself daily? Then I can listen to it privately, and be reminded of my goals of who I want "to-be" and edit and change them as I complete tasks. That's my plan for accomplishing much of what I want to do this year as I plan for Canada, financial abundance, weight loss, and great relationships. 

What do you want to accomplish in 2014?

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