Monday, December 9, 2013

My First stop on the Travel Hit List!

So I priced out how much it would cost to hit each one of my travel spots I'd like to visit. Mind you I'm flying from Idaho so its expensive. However I think if I go to the least expensive first and go up and up from there I will be set up for success, pending my income continues to grow. 

I'm sure you and I just came to the same conclusion, I'm going to Canada first. I met a bunch of Canadians on my cruise to Jamaica and tend to meet lots of Canadians while traveling who are a bunch of fun, so I was not sad with my results by any means. I'm really excited to see the Maple leaves play in the Maple leaf arena in Toronto and go see Niagra falls. Oh yeah, we don't want to go to Montreal, we'd rather end up in Toronto. The thing is getting there is pretty affordable, however hotel costs are very expensive for a week to 10 days it is estimated to cost me around $1800. I'm planning to go around the end of October in 2014. 

In spirit of my trip I've decided to do a Canadian birthday party at the local hockey arena, so everyone can come dressed as their favorite Canadian. I'm going as a Hockey player, and my boyfriend as a lumberjack and roommate also as a hockey player. I'm still holding out for a Celine Dion or Justin Beiber. 

So if you have any tips about traveling to Canada, or some must see's and must do's I'm all ears. I have tons of time to plan and can't wait to get my Canadian on! Eh! 

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