Saturday, December 14, 2013


Things have been way more than crazy around the apartment main front which is why I probably forgot to post these pictures. I ordered these two chairs from Target online, free shipping over $50 HELL YES! I loved the tufted one and my roommate loved the floral and truth be told I just couldn't decide if we were the super formal people who had to have matchy matchy chairs in the living room or if we were more kitschy and laid back. I went with laid back but don't get me wrong I think about having matching chairs more than I probably suspected I did. 

Here is my purple soft lovely chair I miss so much right now. 

Here is our floral purple chair, hey who knows maybe this guy could go to the other side of the room and I get another tufted one thoughts? 

Here are our cutesy chairs together. I miss my stuff right now because my roommate and I are currently homeless while they re-build our apartment because of the mold in there. Rumor has it they  might be done this week and we might get to go home before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

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