Thursday, October 3, 2013

Favors and Flowers

So I'm creative, so I get recruited to do things. I cannot take credit for these amazing favors, my little's mom is responsible for most of the design. I did help put the final touches on though, and they were too cute not to share. So here they are!

They are little cones filled with candy, with their names and wedding dates on them; punched out butterfly and purple tissue and a beaded ribbon to top it off. 

Then we added the punched out butterfly and a pearl to the cover to complete the look. I am still so impressed by what she was able to come up with for her daughters wedding. You can tell she put a lot of love and time and thought into it. 

Here's me and my little re-united in Colorado for the wedding. So I did actually have a job for the wedding and it was making flowers. Except oh wait their was major flooding in Colorado at the time of the wedding and the truck with our flowers in it wrecked. So her mom in a panic just went to every grocery store and bought a ridiculous amount of flowers. Then I was supposed to make a bridal bouquet. 

Was I nervous? YES! Do you know what it's like to make flowers for a wedding and have the mother of the bride, grandmother, aunts and anyone else come in and put in their two cents on how they think the flowers should look? Stressful, however my little is the most easy going bride she loved everything and was just grateful for any help at all. A total sweetheart which is why we got along so well to begin with. So she's holding it before we tied it up. 

Here's the french wrap I managed to remember how to pull off, I'm not going to say I didn't make a couple of phone calls to my mom (the florist). I think it looked pretty sweet. 

Here's a view from the top. Her mom even sprayed little silver butterflies for all of the bouquets. 

This is the top of the bridesmaid bouquet. 

These are the corsages. 

My mom said this was too big for a bridal bouquet, but my little loved it and well that's all that matters. You should see the amount of flowers I threw away. 

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