Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dream a little dream

I love to travel, I also feel like I've pretty much conquered the good ole US of A. I've been listening to David Wood's the Kick ass Life, and it got me thinking I don't need to wait to find a husband who will go with me on all of my adventures. I can just go myself. In the past I would wait and stress and make sure the time was right for everyone and then go. After all escaping Meridian Idaho is a pretty big adventure out to see the rest of the world. 

So I thought I'd make a hit list of all the countries I want to see. I can do one a year, and if I end up making more money I can always do more than one a year which of course would be awesome! I made my own hit list, then went to Facebook from friends and family to make sure I didn't miss any goodies. Well I did, so my list grew which is fine by me. The only thing that isn't on this list that came highly recommended by friends and family is Paris I really have no interest at this time to see Paris France that might change later but for now they are off the list.

Bora Bora

Barcelona Spain

New Zeland

South Korea 




Rio de Janerio, Brazil







There they are my beautiful list of must see places, I know you might be thinking wow that's a lot of water... Well Idaho is a land locked state which might explain why myself included and all of my friends helped me pick locations around water. Time for me to price out some options and see which one of these will be most affordable for me. The one that kind of scares me is South Korea, I'm just afraid I'll starve I highly doubt anywhere out there I can order some Macaroni and Cheese. I would also like to get my groceries from a boat, be in a traffic jam of sheep and I'm pretty sure they filmed Avatar right there in Croatia. Time to do some homework. Did I miss any amazing places that are a must see? I am hoping to live a lot of years so I'm going to need a couple for the next decade. 

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