Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watermelon, Throw backs, and Art in the Park

So the other night, I was supposed to go to a BBQ with about 50+ people and it was pot luck style so you bring something. So I was planning on bringing watermelon, I grabbed one so big I could barely pick it up. Little did I know that this bad boy was 26lbs of goodness. Then the unthinkable happened, it rained in Idaho. We live in the high mountain desert, and it rains about 12 inches a year so when it rains it is sort of a big deal. So I was lame and missed the BBQ and volley ball in the rain, but now I'm stuck trying to find other parties to go to to take this watermelon to. Gotta get rid of it before it all goes bad. I know first world problems right? 

Then for some reason out of the blue, everyone started "liking" this photo of me and my family from when we were little on Facebook. It's worth a share, that's me with short hair and that movie right here was the Grinch that Stole Christmas, what we really wanted for Christmas that year. You can see how happy we were by the look on my little sisters face! :) 

Then the other day I got to talking with some people about my first car, a 1979 Chocolate Brown Volvo it had a sunroof, sure it leaked on my head... But it was pimped out I had my sheepskin seats in there that my cat later peed on basically forcing me to get rid of the car. It had a CD player, and hell it was a deal for $500 I had freedom and could go anywhere as long as it wasn't raining. 

This weekend was like "Christmas in August" to me! Art in the Park only comes once a year, and since I work weekends and don't get to hit up most of the farmers market activity on Saturday's I really look forward to all of the hand made arts and crafts at Art in the Park in Boise. I may have gone a little overboard. Also, how could so many of my friends overlooked this national holiday? No one would go with me, so I went alone. Ended up having a great time, and bought almost too much stuff. But I love it all so much! First thing I couldn't afford to buy was a $1000 fire ball, but dang it if it wasn't the coolest thing drawing a crowd from around the park. 

Then I keep seeing and writing, how its important to be a tourist in your home town, so I was and visited one local art exhibit. However, I do not have the name of this because I was actually looking for the beer booth when I saw this, I know priorities right? 

The beer garden was all closed up by the time I found it, so off to find my own sober adventures. I found this postcard on cedar of an old Indian Motorcycle, so cool. It's going to look awesome on my new foyer station I'm working on at our apartment. 

Then I bought this boat photograph, this iphone snap shot of this really doesn't do it justice. It has amazing intense color, the artist even asked me once I get it home hanging in its new home to send him a picture so he knows where his work is going. I will do this. First I need a frame, its all so exciting! 

I'm pretty sure this next lady will be sending me Christmas cards for life I loved all these little bottles so much! My parents just got a half English bulldog half Boston terrier and I got them this cheese tray. 

I bought this for me, because who are we kidding if I'm buying everyone else cool stuff I need cool stuff too! I also think this will look good on my foyer station. 

I finished the Love one for my friends as another piece to their wedding gift. It's next weekend, so be prepared to be bombarded with photos of the big day and all maid of honor shenanigans. 

Oh ya, went to a party breifly and we put a cat in a bag and he liked it. Practically begged us to do it again, and I managed to ditch some of the watermelon. 

Tonight after everyone is done watching Boise State till their little hearts desires, I will attend a BBQ and try to get rid of some more watermelon. I'm _ this close to putting it in a bowl an soaking it up with some rum and inviting everyone over for rum watermelon shots. We will see how this goes! Happy Saturday Brave ones! 

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