Sunday, September 22, 2013

Foyer Remodel

So my apartment is like "empty" so I decided to do one corner of the room at a time. First things first a foyer station, that big enough to hold my glamorous lamp. My mom had bought me a mini table prior that was too small to hold well anything. Then the night I finally had tried everything and decided to take it back to the store, I made a random stop at goodwill and found this baby for $25. A must have, then I had to do the whole call everyone I know that has a truck because it would not fit in my car once again.

Cute little desk just needed some tightening up and was in pretty dang good condition. 


Bare bones. 

Colored drawers and bits. I'd be lying if I didn't say my parents helped me with this. I had so much going on getting ready for my friends wedding and flying in and out of town. I bought the paint and left it there at their house and by the time I came over from work one day it was damn near done. 

I really think my dad was just pumped up about using his new sprayer to paint well... everything. They finished painting the house and have now been refreshing all of our metal exterior accessories and all of my furniture ever since. That same night at good will I found this cute little magazine holder, it was $12 a rather spendy purchase at good will if I do say so myself. However I saw the potential. 

First thing my mom said is what are you going to do with that face on there? Rip it off? I'm like no that's the coolest part, its a lion, she's like it's a bear. Then we decided it doesn't have ears so we don't know if its a lion or a bear. 

I did temporarily rip the lion/bear off to sand this baby down. I had a vision, and it was going to happen. 

Here's my dear old dad spraying my panels for me in the dark, because I could do it but he just wanted to show me. Hell if he wants to hold the sprayer and do the work for me who am I to stop him. 

Panels drying, I know I'm working hard there with my diet coke. I gave my lion/bear a bath and made him so fresh and clean hoping to not have to paint him. 

Our brass cleaner was pretty much useless, and I'm cheap so I wasn't running to the store to buy new stuff. If this didn't look polished by the time he was out, which it didn't. I was going to spray paint him.

He did get cleaner with the somewhat watered down brass cleaner and baking soda and magic eraser. But I had a vision of bright shiny gold against that bright white. 

Reassembling the magazine holder. 

Almost done. 

Lion/Bear gets a face lift, looks pretty sweet if I do say so myself. 

Nailing that little guy to the front. 

And Ta Da! I love it, hell its just my taste and vision why wouldn't I love it! Oh yeah, the culmination of my project coming together. I bought those two flower paintings from Ross for $10 each. I've had that $70 lamp for years from Fred Meyer. Got the wicker storage bin now full of blankets at a yard sale for $4. This is my almost complete look. It just needed something else. 

Before and after :) 

So here's the something else it needed, a fat yellow bird (I'm really loving yellow right now) and some candles and a tray, which I've had for years. I think that whole piece might have cost me $8. It is the most colorful and well decorated section of my apartment currently. I've purchased curtains to make a wall of fabric in my living room on my HUGE bay window. That will be my next dramatic reveal. 

Disclaimer, I know this is girlishness to the max. However I'm single and my roommate is too and by single I mean not married. We need to get all this girl stuff out of the way before we are married and trapped in neutrals and negotiating. Yay for color! 

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