Thursday, September 26, 2013

First I get to re-do stuff now I just get to blog about it

So I feel like I'm at a constant battle with myself. The want to make my apartment feel like a home and my budget. So here are some low cost renno's I've recently completed to make this place feel a little more like home. 

Remember when we scored our patio set that was too big for my car? Yeah this is it still missing the side cushion. No I never found a replacement before summer was over, so here it is. 

Target, yes the place that takes all my money... Had these sweet cushions that matched our couch perfectly. On clearance for $15 each, SWEET! 

Here's our patio complete, sorry the pic was in the dark but that's when I finished it. Happens when it happens. 

When I got back from Colorado, my mom insisted on going to Wal Mart after my flight. Which did work out in my favor because this rug was on clearance for $20. The plan was to use it outside on my patio, however I spend so much time in model homes I feel like there should be a rug under my dining room table, so here it is and maybe next summer I'll move this to the patio. 

Ok Lets face it compared to the rest of my apartment, this is a neutral mess. But one day this corner of the apartment will be filled with color. Right now its just filled with cozy. 

I showed my mom the vision from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine that I wanted to try and copy for my living room with candied color everywhere. My apartment is super neutral and this might be my only chance to have a seriously girly apartment so I'm taking it.

I sanded this 80's coffee table down, and sprayed it gold. Because I'm loving a lot of gold/champagne right now. Its visually light and with the glass won't make it too visually heavy in my compact apartment. 

So here it is, with our larger than life TV and buffet piece we use as a TV stand.  I know it still looks pretty plain but I'm working on it. 

I bought this motorcycle etched on a cedar post card. It's adding some sweet new digs to my apartment. I think over time I'll have a sweet collaboration of stuff. 

Wish I could have bought this sweet $325 radio for some living room accessories. I'd like to say I'd keep it original, but I'd change up the colors a bit and make it more retro! 

This thing! OMG $425 this would make for a rocking mini bar. I've never seen anything like it and it matched my apartment completely. But I don't have $400 if I did this would be perfect! Well maybe later.... Or I can find my own re-do. 

Found these pillows on clearance at JC Penny for $8. They improve the comfy-ness of our grandpa couch quite well, but the looks not so much with the grandpa couch. One day we will have a swanky new couch and these pillows will look more in place. 

Then I bought some fresh fall flowers, got flowers for me from me. I'll have to share my latest curtain creation next. But I feel like this is a lot of things right now all about my apartment I'll save the best for later. 

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