Sunday, September 29, 2013

Curtains, Curtains, and more Curtains!

So in my apartment I have a huge wall, and I've always said a room is not complete without curtains. Where to go for curtain ideas? Pinterest! I was pinning, and pinning, and pinning. Then the idea hit me to do two rows of curtains, floor to ceiling in my living room. Except, I didn't want to have to make them and didn't want to spend a ton of money on fabric. 

Picked up the bottom curtain rod at goodwill for $4. I picked up a couple other curtain rods there too, for the dining room however my dining room still needs curtains because of how bare it is. Then come to find out none of the curtain rods I bought were big enough. So I had to buy a HUGE 120 inch curtain rod in order to even attempt to cover the entire wall. 

Fancy that wal mart and better homes and gardens read my mind, found the above curtain rod there for $25 woo hoo! The bottom one is one from goodwill, with the end "balls" off sorry I don't know the politically correct term. Then off to Target my other favorite low cost store that tends to read my mind. Found each panel in teal at 95 inches... That should be good enough to go all the way to the ceiling right? WRONG. Well at least long enough to make a statement, because I still didn't want to make them. Then I found the white inside curtains, thinking I would just let them float....

Here's my mom helping me iron out and de-wrinkle all of my panels to make them look pretty before my sister showed up. 

This is my at the time complete product, I thought I could handle the gap between the white and my floor. I couldn't I barely made it a day before I went crying to my friends on Facebook about where to find sheer white panels that are 95 inches long that won't cost $70 a panel again because I'm cheap. 

I mean look at how pretty that pattern is together, its so "sympatico." However I just couldn't take it, so I set out to find my missing piece and on a budget. 

I found this purple satin fabric on clearance at Jo Ann's for $9 a yard and ended up only needing about $15 worth! And it goes with everything else I had going on too. When I was out I stopped by JC Penny looking for panels, all of theirs were $70. Their pillows were $8 each a steal of a deal. I can only dream of how smashing these will look on our new super awesome couch one day, for now they are styling up our grandpa lounger. 

So remember how I didn't want to sew anything? Yeah that still ended up happening, because I'm cheap and I know I can save myself money and still get a look like no one else has... I'm a sucker for couture. 

Just patched the purple on to the white. 

One panel down one to go. 

My flowy floor length curtains actually match in length now. 

Ta da! As you can see this is a huge statement in our living room compared to the once blank wall with nothing on it. Gives us color and character, can't wait to add some more fun to our living room. 

Oh here's the instagram photo just in case the other one didn't do it for you. This whole project cost me about $160 which is a steal of a deal compared to me paying that for just two white panels. I did save some money and  made a glamorous statement in my living room. Do you have a wall of fabric at your house? Did you save a ton of money doing it? If so tell me how! I'm not done plenty of apartment to go. Hope you had a great weekend brave ones. 


  1. hi,

    Great project that was. everyone would appreciate purple with white combination & one can find your interest and smart work while comparing the old one with new curtain..I'm impressed..