Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finish summer with a Bang!

So a friend of mine told me recently that if you get to feeling down about being single, that to just do the things you love and the perfect person will be there waiting for you. So I love being social why not join a local singles group? It's not supposed to be like a dating site, everyone just gets together to have a good time and make new friends and we just so happen to have in common the fact that we are single. The only problem is, I got dressed up all cute brought my friend Heather who was also dressed up cute and we checked into this so called really friendly singles group and no one would talk to us... Except this one guy who wasn't there for the group at all, he said we were too young and pretty and that's why people weren't talking to us. That's the strangest compliment insult I've ever heard. Whatever at least the night wasn't a total loss, and I'm not going to one of those things again. 

The other day I had this as my horoscope, it could not be more right I'm planning on finishing out the summer with a bang, and going out in style. Gearing up for Vegas, going out and meeting new people and making new friends. And the Fair oh how I love the Fair! It's going to be great, then I'll have some more photos to show you later. 

Wedding gifts, you ever have those friends who don't need anything? Ya me too! Then what are you supposed to get them for a sentimental awesome gift to blow them away at their wedding? Well something original that's what. I found this book at a local boutique and had to have it for my little's wedding gift with the letter of her new last name. I just need more than the book and a card to go with this get up so any other custom wedding gifts that anyone could love I'm all ears people.  

The other night I went to the movies with my parents, and uncle to see The Millers? I don't get out much... REALLY! I didn't even know what the movie was about until someone looked up the trailer on their phone to show me. And I don't do well with scary unless its something more along the lines of Monsters Inc. So the previews for this movie I walked out on, they were way too scary for me and make me wonder why I ever got so excited to see previews for the upcoming films. But the Millers is a must see, at least from my perspective of someone who doesn't get out much and I laughed I'd like to think you would too!

Do you smell the upsexy? Best text joke ever from my favorite blogger Raven Smith. I hope you all have a fun and exciting month of August go make this summer count your days are numbered and not in a good way. HURRY!

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