Monday, August 26, 2013

Don't toy with other peoples lives

Maybe it's because I work in real estate, that I feel like I am so careful and genuinely honest with people that I don't want to get them into a situation that would make them feel uncomfortable or out of place, or in a bind. I find that not everyone is so careful with other people's lives and emotions. Why not, would you want someone coming into your life like a wrecking ball building up your dreams to take them away the next very second? I think not. 

Words hurt, and sometimes people hurt you too. Life's not fair. Maybe they didn't mean to hurt you like they did. Or me for that matter because that's why I'm writing this. Someone has hurt me and probably didn't mean to, but I think they knew they would hurt me which is what frustrates me the most. I will get over it, it doesn't mean I will understand it. 

I try to be careful with other peoples lives, and I feel like everyone else should too. Pain is real and people have real feelings be careful with them its not just your life its theirs too. Try and do everything with love and love will be returned. (Hopefully, assuming this person isn't out to destruct the world... guess there's only one way to find out.) 

And if that person destructs your hopes and dreams, don't let them continue to be that wrecking ball of your life you and I deserve better than that. In so many ways. Cheers, to life, love and the pursuit of happiness. 

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