Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Checking off my pinterest bucket list

Tonight while looking for a new desktop screen saver for my computer, I peered through my favorite places and spaces looking for something epic. But then I noticed something that there in the mix of all the things I wrote down that I wanted to do, see, and visit somewhere along the lines I had accomplished them. Because I believe:
And for the last 5 years I have done just that. 

Here's a short list of some of my travels:

And here I am at Disney World! Warning don't try and see it all in one day you might just kill yourself. But, it is so worth it! 

Here's me and my sister and friends on our cruise to Jamaica with our biggest party yet. I consider myself a somewhat professional cruiser and feel like its pretty much the best way to spend a vacation, because other places can suck you dry financially. I don't want to hear all the bad talk about cruise's I've heard it all and I don't care. I'd go again any minute. I love me some ship time. 

I pinned this picture of the pool at the golden nugget, and forgot all about it. 

Here's the picture I took last weekend. I will say seeing the sharks swimming around the water slide in person definitely makes it more worthwhile. Dang the golden nugget was cool, almost makes me wish I stayed on the old strip, but then you are far from the new strip.... Ahhh first world problems. 

I had made it a goal to move out on my own. As I write this I'm sitting in my apartment, and live with my awesome roommate. I am very lucky we get along so well, and that she has given me full reign of all decorating responsibilities so I can do whatever the hell I want. 

Insert us, at our awesome cruise ship themed house warming party. Do we look like we are in charge of this boat? Heck yes we do! I now relate everything to ship life, however I believe if I really moved to a boat this thrill would be gone. But who knows I still consider moving to a boat after every single cruise. 

I was recently invited to Las Vegas by my "little" and met her and many others there to party it up in Las Vegas. You would think I would have been there sooner instead of waiting to till I was way past the 21 year old prime to party it up down there. I think we still managed a pretty good throw down, I still think going to Vegas is just like a cruise, except its not moving and everything's soooo expensive. 

By this time next month I will have hopefully successfully delivered my "little's" maid of honor speech in Colorado Springs. I'm so grateful I get to share in these special moments with her. 

And just like that I realize that I've accomplished some goals I forgot I set, or forgot I wanted to see. Somehow the forces of nature/the world sent me to these places and gave me memories I can't forget. There are so many others, I'll have to share our swim with dolphins one later however I did not buy the photos because I looked like a hot dog in a life jacket. NO ONE needed to see that I'm telling you for your health. Just imagine a hot dog in a life jacket, and that should suffice. 

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