Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mini golfing & poolside summer fun

I might be turning 28 this year and my sister just turned 25 but neither one of us are too cool to hang out with our parents anymore. We do have pretty much the coolest parents on the planet, they took us out for dinner and drinks and mini golf what's not to love right?! 

My sister said it was very important that I capture her hitting my mom in the head with the putter here. 

Here's all of us girls styling up the mini golf course. 

Our awesome parents, celebrating 27 years this year. 

A view from Wahooz in Meridian, super great little hang out. 

The Green. 

Mini golf house. 

And if the mini golfing wasn't enough for me Friday night I had the day off Saturday for a wedding which I thought started earlier in the day, after re-reading the invite it didn't start till later. Either way I had a day to myself to do whatever I want. So....

I went to the pool. 

Grabbed a book some towels and my awesome personalized tote from my Grandma. 

And busted out a classic chasing harry winston, I love re-reading old favorites it reminds me of why I couldn't part with them when I went and sold all of my books on Amazon but kept a select few. There's a couple I might have to buy back now that I think of it. But there's a recap of my last couple of days and adventures, So lucky to be where I am right now. Also feeling a little sun burnt, I may have spent a little too much time outside yesterday but soon I will look awesome and forget about how my buns are on fire from staying out too long in this 100 degree heat. 

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