Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maid of Honor Dress

So, I'm the maid of honor in my "little's" wedding, and by little I mean she was sort of my adopted sister in my sorority all of you sorority girls get this the rest of you may not. But, basically we are close then and now. She moved to Colorado and has a couple of other bridesmaids there and they went and picked out dresses and texted them to me. I didn't want to sound mean on some of the dresses that I hated and one in particular that I loved. So I voiced  my opinion as nicely as I could... Like did they see these pictures of themselves? To be a good sport I promised to head the the Boise David's Bridal and try the same dresses on for myself. Here's a copy of the damage, and the dress we all agreed to disagree on. 

This first one was their favorite, I am acutely aware of how short I am, and that when you're a bridesmaid at a wedding you are standing sideways the whole time and to look as thin as possible is at the top of my priority list. 

Front view, I look like a short oompa loompa. 

Side view, I know right when you didn't think it could get any worse? Lol. 

Dress #2 also at the top of their lists, I did warm up to it after I tried it on in soft pink, theirs was white. 

Not too bad for a floor length formal, at least it was dressier than the first that felt like a cheap 80's prom dress. 

Side view it's ok but not perfect, my goal is not to steal the show from my little. If I had to live with this dress in a deep plum purple I could have made it happen. 

Dress #3:

I apologize it was difficult to take photos of myself, but this is the dress I loved. I love the ruching and ruffles and classy feel. 

Side view not bad since this dress was a size too big. I think this with some heels will rock and be the perfect bridesmaids dress we will be able to rock all night without dragging it through the mud and having to worry about it wrinkling when we are out there shaking our butts. 

Maid of Honor Dress Mix-up

I tried on every purple dress in the store for fun to see if Idaho David's Bridal had anything different/better than the Colorado one. We were sold on the red one on the left from the beginning, my little agreed and with time not on our side I ordered the dress one size down from the one in the photo and it might barely get here in time to be sure I fit in the thing. Just in time for our Las Vegas Bachelorette Party. 

I promise to post pics after I get the real dress in and with the shoes etc... 

Until then, I'm off to figure out Las Vegas hotels, Cabanas, and nightlife events to make this the bachelorette party to never forget. 

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