Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hunting down fun in Boise

My friends came to visit from Seattle and at the last minute we rushed down to the horse races to catch the last race, and when you show up that late you get in free. Well at least we did! I made it there just in time to place $6 worth of bets. 

Here's a photo of our lovely track in Boise, it really is beautiful. 

Managed to grab some beer with friends and then our horses were off! Just in time for me to win back $5.80 so all in all I was only down about  20 cents for the night. 

As we were leaving there was a baseball game going on, normally on a Saturday night here in B-town there are fireworks after the game is over. We decided to check out our free trick once more. We got front row parking and walked right in to see the last 2 innings and watch all the tiny tots run the bases that alone would have made the whole night worth it. 

Here's a picture of us soaking up some of the boise bleachers, the night didn't stop there. My friends wanted to go to a bar that used to be the place 6 years ago formerly Montego Bay now called the Drink. Sure it was nice great service we sat on the water, it was dark or I'd have pictures. But needless to say it was a ghost town there that night and we all decided to go home and go to bed early because we had brunch with my parents in the morning. I love my Seattle friends and I need to get back up there soon, and a big happy 1 year anniversary to my friends! 

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