Sunday, June 30, 2013

You might be a Diva if...

I'm not exactly sure what day this happened, but it was fun nonetheless. I really wanted to Hot Tub at my parents house, I almost never want to hot tub but for some reason that day I really wanted to. Granny didn't have a suit but she was a good sport about it and grabbed a t-shirt and shorts to join us. After getting in the hot tub it then started to rain, and my mom said she didn't want her hair to get wet. So out she came with her umbrella and joined us in yes a jetted tub of hot water. So if you're thinking you might be a Diva just ask yourself, have you ever been in a hot tub in the rain with an umbrella or would consider doing this yourself. The answer is you are a diva, and their ain't nothing wrong with that :) Have a great weekend fellow Diva's! 

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