Saturday, June 1, 2013

We need some patio furniture, oh and a margarita!

Damn patio furniture why oh why do you have to be soooo damn expensive. All we want is this cute patio set we found on pinterest of course. Well the bad news is we can't afford patio furniture right now when you need it most, and my roomie and I feel like we are at a point in our life where we don't just want crap we are willing to wait till we can afford nice stuff for our home. The problem is summer might be over by then. But maybe just maybe if I yard sale enough I can find some of the goods from this picture. 

I think it would be easy to build a bench. I've built furniture many times before, but my dad insists on getting his shop set up and whatever else he can come up with for not making me patio furniture. I need 2 parts of a wine barrel, a patio bench and I have a table. I need an indoor out door rug and some curtains and a couple of lanterns. Lets face it the only thing even remotely in our budget right now are lanterns. Can you hear the crickets snooze fest where am I supposed to drink margaritas all summer long? HELP!

Anyhow this is the patio bench I'm going to try and sway my dad into parting with some of the obscene amounts of wood he has in his garage to make me a bench. I can either buy or make the pillows seen here, and the wine barrel things of course are sold out at lowes!

Here's the pic I found, seems manageable right? Hell it doesn't even have to be that fancy it can be slab of wood with slab of wood with legs and I'd call it good to go, throw a bunch of pillows on there and no one will know the difference. Here's to hoping my dad will soon help me make some patio furniture so I won't have to buy any. Well wood is cheaper than the $3,000 patio set I saw online. My roomie got the Target ad for patio furniture being on sale and fainted, we need a beach side back patio like yesterday it's 80 degrees here people lets get a move on!

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