Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Idaho Kentucky Derby

If your going to go out to the horse races, you might as well go out in style. For me that means wearing a dress, a big sun hat and glamorous sunglasses! It was my sisters birthday yesterday so we met her down at the race track. Placed some bets and won some money. I drank a lot of beer and my bff was my dd since she's training for this swim suit competition. Yay for me! 

See derby ready! 

Brunette beauties on our way to the races.

Bleacher seats

My sister the birthday girl and her friend Erin who joined us for Kenny Chesney. 

I think we really do have one of the most beautiful tracks. Look at that view, yes that's a lake in the middle, mountains in the back and glorious horses and cowboys down in front. 

More horses. 

Score board where it announced all the winnings. We would like to win so much we have to visit the IRS window just once in our life, but for now we are only cashing in small fry bets. 

We got a little closer to the action, can you tell I forgot my hat in the car? 

Railings, lined with people. 



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