Friday, June 21, 2013

Las Vegas Bachelorette party invites

I recently became a Maid of Honor in my "little's" Wedding. And by "Little" I mean she was my sorority sister "little" and I was her "big." I could explain this further, but basically we were bff's in college. So fast forward to today, I'm Maid of Honor and bachelorette party is in Las Vegas! I found these awesome invites from Shutterfly and I can't wait to get them in the mail! I also got some cute new address labels to send these babies out with I can't wait to show those off too! Wedding is in September, I have some working out to do nothing like having a crowd full of people stare at you from an awkward side angle and trying to make sure  you don't look fat. I have an appointment Wednesday at 5 at David's Bridal to try on some dresses, the out of state bridesmaids and myself disagree on what looks nice enough for a bridesmaid dress so I'm going to try them on to compare. And well prove my point the one I like is better, my friend is trying to play everyone wins scenario and I don't blame her, but eventually she will have to make a decision. Cheers to weddings! 

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