Friday, June 28, 2013

Breaking news! We have patio furniture!

My roomie and I have been looking for patio furniture for so long it's become like a sickness. I tried re-doing a set we got for free, but my heart wasn't in it it was a ton of work. I recovered the seats, sanded it down and tried painting it and paint wouldn't stick and I didn't want to spend more money on not our perfect patio set. 

Anyhow, we got all these coupons after we moved. Like congrats on your new place etc... So we have been hitting up stores seeing if there was anything we needed and decided to take our two new coupons to Bed Bath and Beyond. There it was our perfect patio bench we had been looking for, and it came with a table marked down to $111 and if we could  use our coupon on it it just might be the best deal on patio furniture this season we had seen yet. Their employee confirmed we can use our 20% one item coupon on the patio furniture, it was marked down because it was missing a back cushion. Well I was going to trade those out anyways with big white fluffy beach looking pillows. We have a bottom cushion and one right side that's all we need for now, our patio is starting to look like the real deal! 

So we are all excited, supposed to be getting those spikey soap things that make your bar of soap not stick to your tub and we couldn't focus. I'm sure there were other things we were supposed to get but forgot we just wanted our patio furniture and to get a move on. So we hurried and checked out, got to my car... I drive a 2 door sports car oh yeah... and left some garbage and boxes from work in the back of my car I forgot about. Needless to said it wouldn't all fit, but we got everything we could in my car which was quite a bit. 

The bench is as big as my car.

Tiny car not going to fit. 

Got all the cushions in there and the table!

And our other purchases we managed to squeeze us and all our crap in  my car while I waited for my dad to come pick up our bench with his truck in the cold rain hello its June be nice already! 

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