Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moving Out

You really don't know what you don't have until you move out. I've been planning on moving out of my parents place for years, setting little things around for when I move out. Now here I am with my BFF in our new place, in what feels like starting from scratch. I first get the feeling that we will never have enough money to do everything just the way I'd like to. Then I get the feeling of endless creativity and that the options are endless! 

Food the first couple of days all I had was a jar of peanut butter and some crystal light energy... priorities right?! Then I had a major personal life crisis which further delayed me getting any food. Then my mom persists that I have food from my most recent camping trip to bring to my new house. She gives me ketchup, mustard, and cake mix... Man I was on a roll that first week. I think I lived here and ate out a whole week before I actually had time to grab real groceries. But even then its like oh I'll buy this and make that. Then you come home that frozen pizza you bought, by the way you have no pans or pizza pan for that matter. Or I'll eat nachos with re-fried beans and black olives oh no can opener? Too bad eat something else so to say I lived on Lunchables is an understatement. 

Then it's like oh I need a garbage can and not just one I need 4. I need 4 bar-stools, patio furniture, furniture in the living room to sit on besides the floor. Do I bring my camp chair to the living room or not? I'm proud to say my first Saturday out yard saling was a major success, we landed two extra stools that match my dining room set, a curtain rod. Some end tables, a storage container/table, bathroom towels, a silverware drawer organizer. 

Next I mention to the girls at work about all the things I don't have; they break the hard truth to me about working in new construction and to buy a plunger before you need it you never know when emergency might strike. So I grabbed a plunger, dish soap, trash bags, a soap/sponge holder for the kitchen and last but not least the cutest damn welcome mat on our floor of our apartment complex. 

One things for sure this place is far from complete, but it has given me all kinds of reasons to use all those things I've been pinning for the last year or so and put them into action. Then try and find a way to get the lowest possible price for everything and make it look fabulous in our new place. But it is starting to feel more like home and the thing about waiting forever to move out, well the time was right I don't miss much especially since my parents are right around the corner. Just gained a little more freedom. Cheers to the future!

Here's a pic! Oh and did I mention this is a brand new apartment complex and we got to pick out our dark finish cabinet color :) And the pool and fitness center should be open any time now hello summer!

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