Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking Good & Feeling Good

People who like to argue that makeup isn't necessary. I always pull up facts to prove that it is, and women who wear it get promoted faster because it looks like they are trying. Other people might not agree with me, but I'm from the south and you don't go showing up looking like a hot mess anywhere now do you? If you always look your best there is no chance to get caught off guard looking ugly. 
Case in point, have you seen this pin on pinterest? Proof women and even Barbie needs makeup. 

The other thing we need are big sunglasses, I swear the bigger the better.  I feel more glamorous in them and that's all that matters. See I look fabulous dahhhrling! 

Ok but for real, here's me in my sweet pink Blazer from you guessed it Wal-mart? Ok probably didn't guess that, but they do have some sweet stuff and the hooked me up the night before an Easter Eggstravaganza when I needed something bright and cheery in a hurry. 

Other things that make me bright and cheery are my new lunch time yoga sessions. I now take an hour lunch from my gun job to do something for me, and I'll tell you what I'm in love with going to yoga and just being more in touch with my body. When you work 7 days a week from morning till night so many times I'm just on auto pilot, its nice to sit down and reflect on the bigger picture, or just forget about the picture. Here's to more lunch time yoga, bigger sunglasses and looking fabulous! 

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