Sunday, April 21, 2013

Leaf Stitch and baby quilt

My Friend Kenna, gave me some challenges. First by hosting a Camo themed baby shower, then I just couldn't bring myself to make a camo baby quilt. So I went with tried and true blue and green boy colors and patched together the back of her baby quilt. Little did we know her teeny tiny was going to show up much sooner than expected! I should have had until the end of June to finish this quilt, but the day after we had the shower she headed straight to the hospital and 4 days later baby Ryker was here. 
He's out and doing good, just showed up early so he still needs some time to grow before he gets to come home. We are just glad everyone's happy and healthy and on the road to recovery now. He was 3.11 when he was born, I swear he would fit in my purse. :) So since he arrived early I had to get my buns moving on finishing this quilt in time so it can be ready for when he leaves the hospital. 

Here's the front, its just one piece I found at a local craft store on clearance. I thought it was super cute and right now its about 10x the size of Ryker so he'll have some time to grow into it. 
Here's the back I patched together with some remaining fabric I had around the house, trying my best to stay close to camo theme, but still classy. 

And here is my sweet leaf stitch I was able to bust out on my new brother sewing machine I received as a graduation gift. I am estatic about how cool that it and how I didn't have to learn to do that by hand! So now Ryker has a baby quilt ready for him when he's ready to head home! 

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