Monday, April 22, 2013

$10 nightstand makeover

I began the search for a nightstand that has drawers which is surprisingly harder to find than you'd think. I had been tearing through all my regular stops AKA Target, Wal-Mart etc... Nothing. Then one night I decided randomly to stop by goodwill just to see. There was this night stand there, it had a scanner barcode on it, so I'm sure they thought they priced it. But no price to be found, so I got some guys from the back and you can tell they don't price things often and this guy was in bad shape with cobwebs and things falling off of it. Anyhow they settled on $6 for the nightstand I said I would take it, they even loaded it in my car for me. Win Win! After I got it home I started the deliemma of re-doing this thing the veneer was peeling off, do I lift it off? Can I spray paint over it? (that's what I usually do with my furniture remodels) 

Well my sister doesn't re-do many things but decided to do a dresser of her own, and bought way too much paint. Then the light bulb hit me mixed with a little HGTV I could paint brush on this brown paint to look like wood and just sand this veneer down. So there you go I got started. I sanded it down and roughed it up, filled in the carved out smiley face with wood putty and sanded that smooth. 
Here's the brisk sanding, went very fast with a hand sander. I was able to just nail down the back again securely with a couple of nails my dad had lying around the garage. 

Here's the nasty wood that it was before, now you know why it had to go. 

Here's after a fresh coat of paint, looking better already.

Painting the whole thing, this little nightstand is heavier than it looks but is a solid little piece with drawers yay for us! 

Complete nightstand. I picked up some little drawer pulls from Lowes for about $2 each. So after all that this little nightstand cost me about $10 pretty cool huh? And I believe it to be a good use of what was on hand otherwise this could of cost a lot more. 

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