Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Patty's Shenanigans

I actually managed to squeeze in some fun for St. Patty's day weekend after all! I started it off with some Green beer and bowling and my score's the one on top 140 is pretty good for me considering my previous average was 121 when I was on a league.

Then my Uncle's "Friend" came to visit from Oklahoma, previously knew each other from Texas. So we had a family game and green night out at Granny's.Here's the breakdown!
My grandma just pinched my grandpa's buns before this picture which is why she's laughing so hard! 

Family photo with mom and dog take 1

Family photo with mom and dog take 2

Family photo with mom and dog take 3! And the dog is finally looking but everyone else isn't! ugh you can't win! Here I'll try! 

Family photo with me take 1 granny's eyes are closed and who knows what grandpa is doing?

Family photo with me take 2 Brewski (my sister's dog) is finally looking but granny just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. 

So then we thought we'd be creative and get an immediate family photo, except this made us look like angels... Try again. 

Then we got this one where it looks like my dad's choking me, and its all misty like with a ghost in the room. 

Oh wow! Doesn't our lucky food look great they sat very still for their photo.

My adorable parents married 27 years this year. Then we were able to take these gems the best ones of the night in my opinion after the other mishaps. 

Me, Dad, Brewski and Sister!

And me and my sister sporting our St. Patty's best! 

Easter's right around the corner, we've already planned an adult Easter egg hunt at work so we will see how things go and hopefully I'll have some more gems to share with you soon when we can get a better photo! 

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