Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I usually like to have mini concerts either at my desk at work or in my car, but things have been so slow lately that I've started listening to podcasts again. They are free on iTunes and some of them are jammed with information. Here are some of my favorites: 

Jillian Michaels Podcast- while on TV they portray her to be a total mean ass she's not when you get to see the real side of her. I'm not saying she can't be hard core, but in a good way. This podcast is honest and genuine her and I love that sprinkled with some workout tips and good advice. It wouldn't be the same without the "old hen" Janice on there and it makes for some entertaining fun for my ears while I'm plowing away at spreadsheets on the PC at work. 

5 Decisions Away- This podcast is about Matt Paxton and Cabell Hatchett, Matt's from Hoarders while I was never able to watch the actual show I can some how stomach the stories on their explicit podcast. Despite what these guys actually look like they sound hott on the mic. They have stories not just about hoarding but dumb stuff they've tried to pick up chicks, and stupid stuff they've lived and learned from and appear to be brutally honest about all of it. They have the occasional guest with their story about not quitting and never giving up and keeps a positive theme going. These guys are always good for a laugh, and sometimes a crazy hoarder story I believe they are on their way to big things. 

Dave Ramsey- Dave Ramsey started it all his genius ideas about money were never shared to me through my family or friends and I believe has helped lead the way to my financial future.I find it helps for me to listen to people paying off $120,000 in debt and do their debt free scream to help keep me on track financially for my future. Because god knows if I wasn't paying all this debt I'd have a lot more money to do what I want with it, but baby steps. 

Michael Hyatt- Michael Hyatt has the best voice, one that just makes you want to pay attention. He has new things to talk about in each episode business wise, or about personal growth and making things in your life count for the bigger picture. For example yesterday my boss gave me a journal, Michael even made a podcast about the importance of journaling and reflecting on your daily thoughts and emotions. Something that is a big deal today might not be such a big deal in the future and its good to reflect either about the anticipation about an event or about how much better something turned out. 

These are some of my daily people I listen to for entertainment and daily advice to break up my concerts at work. Are there other podcasts you listen to? Do you listen to these guys why or why not? I will say not everyone can handle 5 Decisions Away be warned.

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