Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lamp re-vamps

I'm not going to lie I've been holding off on this post for a bit because I wanted to have nightstands and bedding and lighting and the whole package before I showed it to you. But, I think that might be longer than expected so in the mean time I can show you my lamps that I picked up at good will for 2.99 & 3.99 each. I've been reading and seeing all over pinterest on how easy this really is to do, but never took their word for it. My only disclaimer is make sure your lamps work before you take another step, lucky for me mine worked right away and I was super happy with that. 

So I picked up these two awesome bases and peeled off stickers and roughed up the bases a little with what we call a "green scratch-er  at my house, to help get all the oil off and give the base something to stick to but to not rough it up too much. After an even coat I was ready to spray away!

Here's me with my mask, I've learned after my years of art school that TRUST ME you don't want to breathe in any of this stuff it really can kill you, maybe not today but eventually. 

I painted right over the top of my graduation party background decor. Hey when you need something to paint on you just make do, and it was scrap wood anyways. 

I bought my primer from Hobby Lobby the nozzle had a little white thing sticking in it, my first thought was to pull that out. This caused the paint to drip and spill and splatter all over, then I thought maybe I was supposed to leave that little white thing in there? Ding ding ding winner! Putting it back in worked like a charm and I had just enough paint left to be able to pretty evenly spread it over the two bases. 

I also think it worked in my favor that I was spraying these dark brown, however after the white was on there I did begin to second guess myself because I think either would have looked stellar. 

I was able to tuck one cord in the base and the other is wrapped up with a plastic bag and some painters tape. I also taped off all the mechanical parts of the lamp while spraying the remainder of the visual parts that would be seen. 

Air drying. 

More drying. 

Tape removed beautiful lamp bases. 

 I think they make a great pair. Also, you know when you pick up something at good will that was trash to everyone else in the store, and then you pick it up and now everyone wants it and sees what a great idea you have in re-doing these lamps. Look out for these people they are trying to steal your brain power, have a plan and get out before anyone else can steal your great purchase. That's not just with lamps that's any thrift store or yard sale purchase. 

Oh and the lamp shades. Since I'm a self proclaimed cheap a** I didn't want to spend very much on the shades, however I wanted an extremely modern look for not a lot of money. I went to Target where they must have special people who pick things out right from my brain because they always have everything I want and more. Anyhow they had lampshades on clearance, yay for me right? Well wrong. I should have just spent the money to get the nice ones I wanted in the first place the others were HUGE and like awkward tents to my lamp bases just wasn't happening. 

So.... I ended up forking over the $25 for each shade to get the desired look I wanted. I think about $28 each is a steal for a lamp since my other lamp I adore I paid $75 for on clearance. I'm proud of my little lamps and can't wait till I get to take some pictures to show you guys how great these little babies are going to be in action! 

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