Monday, February 4, 2013

Stair Race

Little did I know that people took that movie “The Hangover” seriously in real life as a way to live? I’m not sure how far into our first day on the cruise we were when we met up with the bachelor party on the cruise ship! Who pretty much lived up to that movie, plus or minus a few parts. 

Stair Race-
We made it a rule that why we were on the ship we took the stairs always no matter how painful it might be, because of all the garbage we were both eating and drinking. My sister made this into a game and wanted to race us on the stairs and had become pretty good at it. We were mostly wearing heels, so not a ton of racing went on between us.

One night one of the bachelors was with us, and my sister challenged him to a stair race! He gladly accepted I was the Judge, at the top of the stairs (we didn't fully think this one through). I just made sure they started the race at the same time. Ready! Set! Go!  My sister had on her strappy flip flops and was speedily pounding every step. You could hear larger harder steps coming from him jumping floor levels. The rest of us were racing just to keep up! Then you hear my sister yell “F*** Ya I win!” then you hear “Oh F***” our friend didn't make it to the end and was rolling around on the ground injured. You could tell his ankle was broken because it swelled instantly. The remainder of the night was spent getting him to the ship hospital taking pictures of him getting x-rays and in the hospital bed. His dance moves suffered later that week with him on crutches but it’s a story we won’t soon forget. 

Left ankle 10 minutes after injury didn't take much longer to get really bad, this is right before they wheeled him down to the hospital for x-rays. 

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