Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Happiness Project

I picked up the book the Happiness Project and its helped me in so many ways. Mostly in giving me something to do with all this extra time I have on my hands now that I'm no longer a full time college student. Its given me ideas some are useful and will be helpful when I do have a husband and family of my own to care for. I find myself handing out these tips to others and finding new ways to discover what would make me happier. 

My sister planned a little girls night before Valentines to get us all together to do facials and paint our nails yay! I picked up my sister some flowers, little chocolates and PINK sparkling wine for hosting. 
Here's my scary face mask. What we women do to look beautiful. 

My sisters friend made us some home made chocolate covered strawberries to go with our wine for the evening. 

Here are my sad little pink toes. I am notorious for not waiting long enough for things to dry I swear I sat there for ever just waiting for these to dry. (In between throwing my sisters dogs toy carefully every once in awhile). Then I still get sock marks on my toe polish and swoosh marks on my hands. I know what your thinking don't put socks on, well I live in Idaho its cold and no I didn't have flips in my car so you do what you can with what you have. I think if people don't look closely they look mostly acceptable and that's what I'm going to roll with today on Valentines day!

February has in years past been a bad month for me and maybe that's why I picked up The Happiness Project to begin with I wanted to turn that negative feeling into a positive one. I have some family members going through a rough time, and a friend and today my goal is to share the love. 

These are some of the cutie cards I picked up from my favorite store ever Target, they are always there for me showing me everything I love at the perfect price. So today I'm getting dressed and busting out some love for people who I feel like need it the most today. My love is on the road and hopefully will be home soon to savor his sweet Valentines I purchased for him! Tonight Wine bar with the girls, when your man can't be with you at least you know your girls will always be there for you! 

Happy Valentines Day everyone, go love somebody even if its yourself!

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