Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bingo Arm!

Just got home from a cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman with my sister and two friends. 

The week was filled with fun adventures, and funny unforgettable stories. Here's the first one you must try on your own some time! 

You know those high pressured hand dryers in the bathrooms? My sister has always been obsessed with the fact that at her young slender size she still has what she calls “Bingo Arm” and then one night a couple of drinks in, we’re in the bathroom and she’s drying her hands and slides her bare arm under the high pressured dryer and with the dryer hitting the back of her arm just right the whosh whosh whosh noise shook her “Bingo Arm” hard. We laughed until we almost cried and spent a great deal of time explaining and demonstrating “Bingo Arm” to fellow passengers on board. It was a real hit! So next time you’re faced with those high pressured dryers that I think almost everyone hates, give yourself a laugh and wiggle that “Bingo Arm!”

"I love hot dogs!"

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