Friday, January 11, 2013

Dairy Days Quilt

I'm one of those sick people who always has a project in the back of their mind. I've been collecting Dairy Days T-shirts since 2008 to make this quilt. I've had some help family and friends both know about my love of this parade so even when I couldn't make it people still managed to grab that years shirt for me. If your not from Meridian Idaho and familiar with the Dairy Days parade it happens in June around here, and they hand out cheese, milk, ice cream and free t-shirts and of course candy. I participated in the parade growing up here, and now watch dutifully as I know how important it was to me growing up. I hope one day to have kiddos of my own to get geared up for this parade. 

The front of the fabric is the t-shirts and some American flag print material. Truth be told I'm a sucker for the red white and blue anything! I love American pride and spirit in any way shape and form we are so blessed to be a part of such a great country. The backside is made up of 11 pairs of jeans that were surprisingly more difficult to cut out than I planned. All my boyfriend Bryan can say is "are the pockets for holding the remote?" I guess so you can put just about anything in there if you'd like. I trimmed out out with a little bit of cow print because after all what would be a dairy days quilt without a reference to the cows that pulled us all together. 

I made this quilt on my mom's sewing machine, we've had hers a little over 10 years and I've done all of my projects on hers until now. I received my own sewing machine as a graduation gift from college and oh the things it does! I can't wait to get going on some future projects, I'm thinking maybe a headboard for my bed, make some new bedding, curtains, shower curtains... Like I said before I have way too many ideas of things to make.

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