Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets

I pitched my friend Nickcole the idea to re-do her kitchen cabinets. I knew how much work it would be to remove this stain and sand down these cabinets, and tried to warn her about what we were getting ourselves into. I think only now after the cabinets are complete 4 weeks later does she really know how much work it was. However I think it has truly paid off. 

These are the orangey tan color that the cabinets were before.

Taking off all the doors and drawers.

Drawers getting stripped.

Stripped and sanded down to bare bones, it took some serious elbow grease to get to this point. 

The doors drying, we also added a dark shelf liner to the shelved to protect her dishes. 

The finished cabinets, I think have come a long way! 

Hard work does pay off!

This kitchen re-model is near completion, the next step for us is to add a tile back splash and pendant lights along with under cabinet lighting because this kitchen is poorly lit with recessed can lighting. My friend is ecstatic about her new kitchen and I think even more proud that we did it together and saved her thousands of dollars. 


  1. Cabs look nice. A little dark for me. Maybe if the white counter tops we're replaced with maybe a lite grey stone? Or even coloured concrete. Would add very nice touch. Also under cab lights are great idea. Also for the corner ad a puck light small an u can add I so u won't see it. But cabs look good good job u two.what color tile? Maybe the little glass tiles those Are nice

  2. I talked with my friend about counter tops, shes not ready to do change them out with her daughter still being so little maybe in the future. The tile will be a black and brown mix glass mosaic, to help reflect light, glad you like them. I'm sorry I don't know what a puck light is? Thanks for commenting!