Wednesday, June 1, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt

To make my first quilt, I decided to cut up my retired Kappa Delta sorority T-Shirts and learn how to make a quilt with some of my favorite shirts. I took a class at JoAnns having not done any real sewing before this project began, it taught me a lot. I learned you needed to fuse the t-shirt material to a paper like backing to make it strong. Also learned that my fat quarters I had bought weren't going to be long enough to do the job I had planned to do originally. The for those about to rock was my first square, I looked at each piece individually and matched them based off of the memories attached to them. Then I pieced spacers in and patched the whole front together. I found some sleepy owls, which I felt really represented a sleepy college student to merge all of my bright colors together. This quilt was challenging, and yes I made some mistakes; however it was extremely rewarding to complete something and have it look desireable after my first attempt.


  1. This is so incredibly cute and I can't believe this was your first real sewing project. You have definitely inspired me to do something like this when I graduate!
    <3 in AOT!!

  2. Thanks Lindsey for your comments :) My Blanket is super warm, not perfect but definitely a learning lesson I've done 3 quilts since then and numerous sewing projects. Good Luck with yours in the future :) <3 AOT